Want to consign?

Maternity & Children's Fall Event

September 5th - 8th, 2019

Consignor/Volunteer/General Presale 

 Thursday, Sept 5th 4-7pm

Friday, Sept 6th 10am-7pm

Sat, Sept 7th 10am-7pm

Half-Price Sunday,

Sept 8th @ 10am-4pm

What is consignment?

Want to consign?

If you don’t know consignment,
just wait – you‘re about to get hooked!

Consignment is the best way to recycle your GREAT
kid’s clothes, toys, equipment, furniture and MUCH more.

Remember the old Carters Slogan- “If they would only stay little
til their Carters wear out.” We only wish they could! Let’s face it, our
kids are growing out of their clothes way before they
have the chance to wear them out!

We are your perfect solution!

Many of our moms use our service as a sort of swap shop. They sell their
outgrown kids stuff, then they BUY their kids stuff for the next season…
SEE it’s a SWAP!

You know how it feels when you…. GOT A DEAL!
You can’t afford NOT to consign.
Get great deals on great stuff for your kids!


Don’t clear out your garage or pack up those items for

“one of these days we’re going to have a yard sale.”

This is your solution!

A consignment sale will bring MUCH higher prices

than yard sales!

Here’s all you do…

  • Clean out your kids’ closets and toy rooms.

  • Hang, Tag and Price your items. (You determine the price, leaving no room to haggle.)

  • Drop off your stuff…. we take it from there!

During the sale we have thousands of ladies come through to see your items. Therefore your items are given thousands of opportunities to sell. (How many showed up at your last Garage sale?)

You will receive 70% of the selling price from each item sold. There is no way a yard sale or consignment shop can compare.

In a consignment shop, you typically only receive 40% of your items sold price & items could remain on the shelves for months. 

As a CONSIGNOR… you take advantage of our widespread advertising, customer volume and GREAT location.

And best of all, we take care of ALL the details!

As a BUYER… Consignment Masters has an incredible selection of quality items to choose from.

  1. - Earn 70% on your sales!

  2. - Special pass to SHOP FIRST at general sale AND at half price sale!

  3. - Set your own prices and view sold items from home!

  4. - Be entered into a raffle to earn prizes and gift cards, such as taking home 100% of your sales!

Contact us

Feel free to shoot us an email to consignmentmasters@gmail.com

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